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Country’s geography & information in brief: Belize borders with Mexico on the North & with Guatemala on the South. It became independent form Great Britain in 1981. The population count with 2,5 million people. Official language is English. Currency – Belize dollar. Companies are incorporated according to The International Business Company Act (IBC) 1990.

Entity type: International Business Company (IBC)

Directors: Minimum number – one. Directors may be private or legal persons, residents of any country. There’s no public register of directors. The information is kept by the registered agent. No requirements to have Belize residents as directors.

Shareholders: minimum number – one. Shareholders may be private or legal persons, residents of any country. There’s no public register of shareholders. The information is kept by the registered agent in Belize.

Secretary: there are no special requirements concerning the secretary of Belize IBC.

Authorized capital: standard declared capital is of 50 000 USD. There are no requirements for paying out the whole or part of it.

Names’ restrictions: name shall end with “Incorporated”, “Corporation”, “Limited”, or “Inc.”, “Corp.”, “Ltd.”, “GmbH”, “S.A.”. Names containing words such as “Bank”, “Insurance”, “Trust”, “Assurance”, “Imperial”, “Royal”, etc. & derivatives are not allowed to register without special license.

Requirements: each IBC company must have a registered address & registered agent in Belize.

Owner’s data: the local laws don’t demand the information about the real beneficial owner of the company to be presented, however such information must be held by the registered agent.

Audit & financial reports: there are no requirements to file annual return & financial statements.

Belize tax: tax rate for IBC is 0%

Additional information: bearer shares are admitted. Belize doesn’t appear in so called “black lists” such as ones of FATF (International Group Against Money Laundering), OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation & Developments).

Belize offshore

Registering offshore company in Belize is a simple and common practice when vanilla offshore vehicle is required. In some countries Belize offshore companies will be black-listed because Belize tax is 0 and no requirements to file financial statements. Due to this sometimes it is difficult to do normal trading just through Belize offshore company. Belize offshore company can be effective vehicle for holding some assets, for example shares of other European company. Offshore company registered in Belize might be effectively used if trading partners don’t have any requirements to the jurisdiction. Belize tax rate is 0 for IBC with no activities in Belize. Another good thing what Belize can offer is different financial licenses for specific business, for example – trading with currencies, money remittance business and others.

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