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New Zealand

Country’s geography & information in brief: New Zealand is located in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean to the east from Australia. It forms part of the British Commonwealth. Official language – English. National currency – New Zealand dollar.

Entity type: Private company limited by shares

Directors: Minimum number – one. Directors may be private or legal persons, residents of any country.

Shareholders: minimum number – one. Shareholders may be private or legal persons, residents of any country. If at least 25% of its shares belong to non-residents of New Zealand the company requires annual auditing.

Secretary: there are no special requirements concerning the secretary.

Authorized capital: There is no minimum required. Standard declared capital is of 1000 NZD.

Names’ restrictions: name shall end with “Limited” or “Ltd”. Names containing such words as “National”, “Bank”, “Chamber of Commerce’, “Insurance”, “Municipal”, “State’, “Royal’, etc & their derivatives are not allowed without special consent.

Information about the beneficiary: the register of directors & shareholders in New Zealand is public. Information about the beneficial owner may be provided only to the secretary company & are kept private.

Audit & financial reports: it’s necessary to keep books, prepare & file annual return, financial accounts annually even though the company haven’t carried out any activity. Accounts must be certified by an auditor, if more than 25% of shares belong to non-residents.

Taxation: Corporate Tax rate for companies with non-resident shareholders is 33%. For detailed information about taxes & fees please visit Inland revenue of New Zealand web-site.

Additional information: New Zealand is not considered as a state with low tax burden. Political & regional stability. There is no Capital Gains tax (tax on shares & assets sales). Annual return shall be filed just at the end of the financial year, no monthly accounts are required