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Accountancy Services

Our goal is to offer high quality services, always employing constant quality standards, so you can concentrate on your basic activities with confidence in the Low Tax Company accomplishments.

While doing our work, we combine the resources of latest technological achievements and the use of highly qualified personnel that ensures the best external financial services. Precise and timely submitted financial data will allow you to plan your cash flow so that your company can highly benefit from the use of current assets.

We understand that each company is different so we are flexible and ready to adapt to each client’s individual needs in order to find the best possible solution for your company.

Your company profits the most from working with clients. That is why Low Tax Company helps you to save your time and money, taking complete care of journalizing your company’s financial and management documents and accounting your employee wages and taxes, etc. If you use these offers, it will also noticeably reduce the expenses of your accounting department.

We provide the following accounting services:

  • Payroll service
  • Calculation of taxes
  • Debitor/Creditor registration
  • Accounting of fixed assets
  • Development of accounting document organization and its methods
  • Reports to SRS and other institutions
  • Annual reports
  • Representing your interests in state institutions

The key benefits of using Low Tax Company accounting services:

  • Reduced expences. It will be cheaper with us!
  • You can get a list of professional specialists and save up to 50% of your pernament accountancy costs.
  • Things are done faster as more professionals can be involved in urgent cases.
  • Full-time service – Companies with an accountant can face the problem of a part-time accountant, sick days or leave without previous notice. If you entrust you accounting to us in return you will receive full-time reliable, professional and always accessible accounting services.
  • Freedom of action – we willl never use your premises as accountancy can be managed via external services. That will leave space for another profitable job position (another client consultant, designer, commercial agent, etc.).
  • Avoid of buying special accountancy software. Believe us – they usually are really expensive!
  • High quality – try us out! You are just one phone call or e-mail away from receiving fast and precise services.

You will receive the estimated service charge for free if you fill out our on-line application form. That does not mean you need to make a commitment to us!

NB: We are currently employing experienced and high qualified accountants in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and CyprusBut if you have any special inquiry about our availability to serve you with accountancy services in other countries, please contact us and we will suggest you some of our reliable partners.