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European Company Formation offers a wide range of European company formation services which allows our clients to spend less money on taxes and duties and save more money for the company growth and development, your personal entertainment or whatsoever.

Advantages of establishing an European Company:

  • European Image and Prestige – For foreign business partners a company with a generally known European corporate identity will certainly become a more trustworthy partner.
  • Legal Tax savings for your company across the Europe
  • Simplified trading within the European Union – Trading with other European Union countries offers a number of key benefits to businesses all around the world. The EU’s member states include some of the world’s wealthiest and most productive countries. The EU is not only a huge market in which to sell your goods and services – it also gives you access to a huge source of suppliers. If you’re doing business with other EU countries, than by forming European company it should become increasingly like doing business within your own country.
  • EU VAT number – Again, prestige and opportunity to buy and sell within the EU with 0% VAT.
  • 0% VAT for cross border transactions – A general principle of European VAT law is that exports of goods are zero-rated.

Establishing the European offshore company may sound as a complicated process, however together with team of professionals it will go smooth and easy. Please contact us now to discover how solutions can help you to save your money and expand your business today!