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Offshore Company Formation

Low Tax offers a wide range of offshore and overseas company formation services which allows our clients to spend less money on taxes and duties and save moremoney for the company growth and development, your personal entertainment or whatsoever.  Article about who might need an offshore company can be found here.

Advantages of establishing the Offshore Company:

  • Judgment-proof – Judgments of U.S. Courts and world-wide Court Orders are not recognized in the Offshore Jurisdictions.
  • Protection from consequences of divorce – The consequences of marriage or divorce are not recognized or enforceable in Offshore Jurisdictions.
  • NO TAXES – There are no taxes of any kind whatsoever assessed on in Offshore Trusts or International Business Company’s formed in Offshore Jurisdictions.
  • Bankruptcy protection – You are protected from consequences of bankruptcy procedures as the claims of creditors are not recognized in Offshore Jurisdictions.
  • No annual reports – There is no annual reporting required of any kind in the most offshore jurisdictions.
  • Anonymity – You can remain completely anonymous if that’s desired, while maintaining complete control over your Offshore Company or Trust with by using i-bank and other online services.
  • No fixed capital – There is no fixed capital requirement for an Offshore Company or Trust.