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Online Payment Processing

Why Process Payments Using a Merchant account?

According to the industry, services that involve sending transaction requests through a payment gateway is called payment processor.  For instance, the payment processor is responsible of handling transaction requests, sending the authorization and settlement files from popular credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard. It then distributes these files across network of different merchant account providers and payment gateway.

The payment processor also has specialty in handling other kinds of transactions like chargeback requests and settlement.

Generally, payment processor is a term used to refer to a company that is involved in processing MasterCard and Visa payments.

Why Offshore Online Payment Processing?

There is no online card processing service that offers better services when it comes to protection against currency fluctuations and zero taxation. It is now easy for customers to make online purchases without worrying about third party infringement, thanks to secured servers.

With offshore merchant accounts, business owners are privileged to get exceptional tax reduction benefits. In addition to that, merchants are also able to accept payments in various currencies

How Online Payment Processing Works

With online payment processing services, you are guaranteed that your business will run 24/7 throughout the year, offering complete online card processing services, fast processing of orders, management of fraud and an online merchant Centre with our 24-hour support system.

It only takes a few seconds for credit card transaction to be authorized, after which automated receipts will be sent to customers and merchants concurrently. However, the rates of transaction process are highly dependent on the form and volume of a particular business.

You can use offshore credit card processing services to reduce charges using Address Verification System (AVS) and fraud screening systems.

Today, the demand for offshore merchant account services has immensely increased with increase in demand of high-risk merchant processing. This is evident from businesses like sports betting, online casinos and pharmaceuticals among others who use offshore merchant accounts due to its steady market and secure jurisdiction.

Offshore credit card procession is not only efficient and easy to use, but it also saves time and money.

Merchants Who Need a High Risk Offshore Merchant Account

Some businesses are more at risk of fraud and bankruptcy than others are. As such, needs an offshore merchant account.

The following factors determine the merchants that require high-risk offshore merchant accounts:

  • Registration of a company address in an offshore environment
  • Poor or lack of merchant credit history
  • Huge sales volume
  • Increased frequency of chargebacks and refunds
  • In certain jurisdiction that Internet sales of service/product is considered illegal

Merchants of high-risk businesses tend to opt for offshore merchant account because they are unable to get credit card processing solution or domestic merchant account locally. Furthermore, for high-risk businesses, lawful and tax regulations are often flexible in offshore areas.

In order for many businesses to flourish, they need a flexibility of being able to take risks without having to affect their financial creditability, and high-risk offshore merchant accounts offer this.

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