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Ready-Made Companies

Ready-Made or “shelf” companies are simply speaking the companies that are formed, but have never been used and don’t have any trading history.

This service is intended for people who need to have a company ready in a very short period of time. By purchasing an already established corporate identity, you can gain the following benefits:

  • Immediate availability
  • Longevity and improvement of your corporate image
  • Ability to obtain business credit cards and lines of credit. Many banks require businesses to have been in existence for six months to two years prior to granting credit.
  • Ability to bid on government contracts – Many government agencies require that you be in business for a specific minimum period of time to be eligible to bid on agency contracts.

All shelf companies are immediately available & come with full professional company documentation. Our shelf companies are guaranteed to be clear of any business debts or liabilities. Also these companies were registered by us and were not bought over from other people, but registered by our company. Please contact us to receive an updated list of companies which are available for immediate purchase.