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Nominee services

nominee is usually used when you want to increase your privacy, decrease your visibility, or have someone do something that you can not do.

It is a legal requirement that some Offshore Companies should have at least 1 shareholder, 1 director, a secretary and registered office, but with in many cases it’s won’t be problem as this service is always included in our company establishing rate.

We provide Nominee services only to the companies incorporated and managed by us in the jurisdictions where is it legally possible. Our current nominee services includes:

1. Nominee shareholders – Some companies should have at least one shareholder. If the beneficial owners require additional anonymity, then special purpose companies can be used to hold the shares in trust without the names of the beneficial owners being disclosed publicly. This is applicable to the countries where Registry don’t request additionally to mention UBO names, from recent time UK registry requires to disclose UBO names. If the beneficial owners do not need anonymity, then the shares may be registered in their names.

2. Nominee for Public Record. If you wish to keep your name off the Internet, and off the state’s records, then this is the service for you.  The nominee signs the incorporation papers and becomes the officer of record for the company.  After the paperwork is returned from the state, the nominee resigns from the company and you appoint another officer, most likely yourself. This process is available in some jurisdictions, mostly offshore.

3. Nominee directors – We can provide you with nominee director services for the jurisdictions where it is legally possible. In some jurisdictions local director is a must, so clients don’t have much option, but still it is always possible to appoint second director as own active director.

4. Secretary – We can also act as the secretary of the company on your behalf, in most of the jurisdictions where Secretary is required, only local Secretary allowed.

5. Full time Nominee Service – This service is designed for those that absolutely do not want their name to be associated with a company.  The nominee is not only the officer of record but is the only one who signs documents for the company.  The nominee will sign all corporate documents, except those which are against the local legislation.

6. Registered office – We can also provide you with a legal registered office address.

Why should you have nominees?

  • They can act on your behalf during the initial registration process etc. without you physically being present in the Offshore country.
  • You will be guaranteed full confidentiality or anonymity (although the names of the beneficial owners will need to be disclosed for the purposes of opening the company’s bank accounts and to the Registry of some countries) but in practice, you will be the beneficial owner of this company. In all cases, beneficial owners are supplied with a trust deed and an instrument of transfer authorising the nominees to hold shares in trust for the undisclosed beneficiaries.

Please contact us now to find out more details and our rates for companies with Nominee services.